The first look of “Indus Blues” revealed with the poster release

Jawad Sharif’s “Indus Blues” nominated for International Documentary Award on its World Premiere at Regina International Film Festival
August 17, 2018
Express Tribune Life&Style: Pakistani film ‘Indus Blues’ nominated at international film festival
September 12, 2018

The first look of “Indus Blues” the first feature documentary of filmmaker Jawad Sharif was revealed for audiences on the social media around the world and Pakistan. This is a precursor to the anticipated Pakistan premiere of the film.

Indus Blues tells the story of the fading folk musical instruments from various indigenous cultures in Pakistan in the words of some of the most prolific artists struggling to keep the art form alive. The film not only highlights the struggle these selfless artists have to endure every day but also remind the world of what they are about to lose by showcasing memorable and visually stunning performances.

The film was conceived by Director and Producer Jawad Sharif, who takes us on a journey across the entire length of Pakistan. The journey of Indus Blues takes us from the heart of Indus delta to the heights of Karakoram mountains and from the fertile plains of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the Makran Coast. Director and Producer Jawad Sharif sheds light on his drive to produce the film, “While I strongly believe that this is a story that the entire world needs to be told, urban audiences in Pakistan are surprisingly as unaware of the existence of some of these folk musical instruments as someone more unfamiliar with this culture.”

The creative and musical concept of the film was further developed by Creative Producer Arieb Azhar, a remarkable folk and Sufi artist in his own right. Shot on location from the Karakoram Mountains to the coastline of the Arabian Sea, the film captures the little known ethnic, linguistic, and musical diversity and humanism of the cultures of the Indus.

Arieb accompanied the production team on the trip around Pakistan and interacted with folk and classical artists, enabling them to open their hearts and tell the unadulterated accounts of their plight. We hear accounts of the struggle of the featured artists with terrorism, economic difficulties, and social issues surrounding music and dance. Each one of them affecting their survival.

Apart from Arieb Azhar, the film also features comments from noticeable artists such as Nighat Chaudhary, Faqeer Juman Shah, and folk revivalist Saif Samejo of the Sketches band. The featured cast also includes some of the most prolific folk artists in Pakistan, some of which are the last torchbearers of their respective indigenous musical traditions. The featured artists include Faqeer Zulfikar, Ejaz Sarhadi, Zohaib Hassan, Mumtaz Ali Sabzal, the Bheel troupe, Sattar Jogi, Gulbaz Karim, Akbar Khan Khamisu, and the legendary Sachu Khan. The film is also different for also highlighting the lives of craftsmen, who are often ignored, and feature Ustad Ziauddin, Allahjurriyo Kambhaar, Muhammad Jan, Shafqat Karim, and Ibraheem Hajano.

Apart from just being a motion picture, the Indus Blues project aims to sustain the revival of folk music, artists, and craftsmen.
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